Keeping Media Honest


So it’s the final blog of the semester and after a distaste for writing them in the beginning I’ve grown fonder of them because they allow me to illustrate some of my thoughts with hope that someone may take interest. This week’s makeup blog topic is on media and activism and if it weren’t for Professor N. and APA 340 I probably wouldn’t be aware of how these two things mix. The lessons I gained from this class have turned out to be very useful to me and I will continue to apply this knowledge to my everyday life continuing past the Spring 2013 semester.

     This week’s blog topic is about activism & media, I thought chapter ten  “Asian Americans and the Media” by Kent Ono and Vincent Pham was particularly interesting because it spoke of groups such as Center for Asian Americans (CAAM) and the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) which I didn’t know existed. Organizations like these are absolutely necessary in our society acting as:  “are supporters of Asian American film and constant watchdogs of Asian American media representations” (Pham 158). These organizations are absolutely NECESSARY for us because they keep public networks on their toes about what they release to the public. If it weren’t for these organizations, these networks could air absolutely whatever they want! The power and grip the media has over the majority of people is astounding, and people need to start employing more activism into this huge part of our lives. This is easier said than done because a lot of people are perfectly content with our media.

    The unfortunate truth is that the majority of people believe just about everything that comes from media, leading to fewer and fewer people thinking for themselves. This ignorance is what keeps us as Americans separated by race, religion, etc. The point is, is that the media activism these organizations are employing needs to be followed in just about every industry that the media is made up of, and it is the public’s job to open their ears. As a young adult I feel I need to take responsibility for absolving some of the current injustices taking place in our country. As part of the new adult generation, it should be our job to take responsibility and start employing positive values and ethics back into our media. If not, it will only lead to the demise of future generations to come. Image


One thought on “Keeping Media Honest

  1. Good visuals with your blog! I’d be interested if there was a particular project or role that CAAM or MANAA has undertaken that you see as particularly useful? Thanks for the note of appreciation!

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