Media and Activism

Media and activism seem to go hand in hand with one another.  If one person has a cause why not use media as an outlet to let millions of people acknowledge this cause as well?  With social media networks like Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.. there are tons of sources of information on the web.  And now with options such as the “like” button can now generate revenue.  So now a “like” for supporting refugees of a faraway war can also be interpreted the same as the “like” of a angry but cute cat.  The significance is the same, but now these causes can be expressed via the internet.  Through these means of communication a single person is able to communicate to a large network of people.  The ability to reach out to a larger audience can increase the awareness of an activists cause and also increase revenue, donations, and overall profits.  By using means of social media people are able to communicate more personally to their audience by giving them a cause and allowing them to decide whether they “like” it or not.  This ability to reach out individually to each person allows for subjectivity, and more often than not if a cause is just, in a moral society it will most likely become “liked”.  And with one “like” in social media a new network of people are able to see the “like” and it is able to spread through many networks very rapidly.



Also, as we have learned in class the media can redefine terms as our social awareness and perceptions change.  Like many other ugly words from American history referring to an immigrant as an “illegal” is now banned.  I believe that making steps towards a more accurate depiction for the public is very important for media networks.  Many expressions in today’s language give a one sided approach and can sway to one side of an argument.  Although, with social media changing the way we communicate as a society we are creating an equal platform for all to express their freedom of speech.  Social media have become giant billboards for people to express their thoughts, opinions, and even actions.  The ability for activists to now express a cause through social media is reinventing the way we communicate and the way we think.  By continuing activism online and in the media we can only hope for a more knowledgeable  and supportive society.


One thought on “Media and Activism

  1. Do you think social media, as most people use it, leads to deeper thought or more shallow coverage of issues? I was reading an article about “clicktivism” which is “clicking” on an issue to take action–but it doesn’t engage individuals on a deeper level.

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