New media activism


The average person would have a hard time talking about new media activism without talking about thehacker group Anonymous. Formed by an anonymous coalition of anonymous individuals spread across the world, but bought together by the same mindset, teaching a lesson through exposing sensitive information. With their high-level hacking skills and numerous drone computers at their disposalAnonymous has made themselves famous by hacking into many well-known corporations andorganization’s websites and data bases. Anonymous was formed on a 4chan image board thread when one of the administrators of the boardInitiated the “Forced_Anon” protocol which signed all post on the board by Anonymous. This made the Anonymous name grow in popularity. With popularity comes new users who wish to be included in theAnonymous family and with new members the power and capabilities of Anonymous grows. Anonymousmade themselves famous through hacking websites like Facebook and the Pentagons official website  Anonymous is a group with no leader and no ranking system every user is equal. Every user is protectedby the Anonymous name and every user follows the same motto, “We are Anonymous. We are Legion.We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”



One thought on “New media activism

  1. Interesting coverage of Anonymous–developing your posting a bit more would have been helpful (as well as ensuring you met the minimum word count : ) )! For example, what are some specific examples of activism Anonymous has taken and why? Has it resulted in change or at least discussion?

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