October Baby: Media and Activism

The movie October baby was released in 2011 and happened to send a pretty moving message to some viewers. This movie is about a girl who is destined to find her birth mother after 19 years of not know who she was. The story started with the mother wanting nothing to do with the baby when she was pregnant and ending up wanting to abort the baby. What the woman did not know is that she was having twins and when she decided to have an abortion, she actually killed the other twin but the girl twin survived. The girl lived 19 years not knowing what actually happened and through out those years she had side effects from the failed abortion, which affected her in her everyday life. When people watched this movie there were all kinds of reviews of how abortion is killing people and even though this is an everyday occurrence, it is never usually in the media to demonstrate how wrong it is to kill a innocent life. Even though it happens all the time, the thought of having an abortion is so marginalized in the media that it makes it seem that having an abortion is not that big of a deal. Most of the time people think that Mexicans and blacks are the only ones who get pregnant at a young age but the truth is it happens to all ethnicities. Therefore, we as a whole should come together and help one another instead of being racist and categorizing blacks and Mexicans. The universalism here is one to think about because it’s an on-going issue that needs to be figured out. The media alone lets young teens think that having sex without protection is fine, and the media also lets them believe that they are invincible and nothing will ever happen to them. Yes abortions are either pro-choice or pro-life but don’t you think if the media would make it more known to use protection that it would save almost half the innocent lives that are being killed due to lack of awareness? The media has an extremely large influence on young adults and even grown adults, the brainwashing it does for people these days does not help at all. The movie October Baby was big eye opener for the people who thought having abortions were okay. There were hundreds and hundreds of people now claiming their views as pro-life after watching the movie. We are all equal and we all make mistakes, lets not marginalize on this topic in the media anymore so we can help each other.



One thought on “October Baby: Media and Activism

  1. I hadn’t heard of this movie and was interested in hearing a bit more about whether the movie was intended to be activism, or was being interpreted in a particular way. You touch on a few key concepts but needed a bit more evidence and explanation to back some points up (e.g., overgeneralization about African American and Hispanic women).

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