The Change

Media has played a special role as a great success and achievement for activists all around the world. Not only has media change the world but has change the way people see the world. Without media the world will be less aware of what is happening around their surrounding and what is happening around the globe. One main reason why I believe that media plays a special role in everyday life is because that fact that we are now more connected than ever. With all types of social media that circulating in the internet . For instance like Facebook and Twitter and many other online websites that people use to be connected with each other. With these types of online websites, there are more than millions of users. With so many users being online, thousands of information circulate throughout the internet so quickly and freely. This is where our change happens. We are able to hear and see what is happening and we are able to disagree and agree with people’s feeling and thoughts on different situations. Not only we are able see and hear what is happening around the world but we are able to take action on what we feel is right. For instance we can donate money instantly to help people in need or because of how many views a certain person gets will also help them. 

If we are able to look back on how things were done, it was much harder for activist. Because it was harder for words to circulate around the world. Decades ago when someone wanted to hear about something or do something, they had to wait and be patience. looking back, when we wanted to hear the news or see the news we had to wait until there was a specific time. The only way we were are able to see the news was on television, hear it on the radio or wait for the news paper to come out. When we wanted to action we had to take risk by doing street marches, rallies and different types of strikes. But now that has all changed, we are able to see and hear different types of news instantly on our computer. Now we don’t have to wait impatiently or go on a strike just to make a difference. Technology has given us the chance to change the world in many different ways



One thought on “The Change

  1. You make some good points about the nature of activism with the media outlets we have today. However, although media can support activism, it does rely on people on-the-ground to do a lot of actual work. And is “clicking” on something the same as other kinds of activism?

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