Game Crib: Team Solo Mid

Game Crib came out with a new web based series based on a pro team of a famous online video game, League of Legends.  League of Legends has become the biggest played Video game online in the past year, and pro teams make up a small fraction of the community. Game Crib decided to film the lives of a certain North American team, Team Solo Mid. For those who don’t know about TSM they are made up of all Asian Americans who have been living in America for the majority of their lives. It starts out with the first episode showing where they live and the house they live in, and it’s just like any other reality TV show like Jersey Shore. They also head out as a group and go to Verizon and look at phones and then go to other places that are needed like a grocery store. The entire Episode just felt very resistant to me where they were doing activities that you would have done when you were living with your friends at a college age. The stereo types did not exist within the show and it’s as if you could close your eyes and if you just listened to them you would not be able to guess what race they were.

I was blown away by a web based series about Asian Americans living together that has not been canceled half way through the series. It reminded me of All American Girl, of course it’s not on cable television but it has an all Asian American cast and in a way its breaking stereo types even if that’s not the original purpose they were trying to come across. I was then watching more episodes of the show and during one of the episodes they destroy the forever foreigner by all them going out playing paintball, hanging out with friends, and going rock climbing. It helped fight against stereo types of Asians and of Video Game players. It brought this feeling that even though their job is to play video games professionally they are well rounded and enjoy such a physical sport like paintball or rock climbing.

In a later episode they explain that at a tournament one of their team mates had been underperforming and they decided to replace him off the team to better their chances at winning. The drama that went on was felt by players all around the world and many people were talking about it. Just the overall feeling of this web series is a great resistant view on the dominant images of Asians in America. I suggest this web based series for anyone who likes to play video games online or is a big League of Legends fan.


2 thoughts on “Game Crib: Team Solo Mid

  1. I need to check this out! I have not followed online video games very much, so wouldn’t have heard about this webseries. I may need to expand some of this more the next time I teach the class. Good analysis!

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