International Topless Jihad Day

The Stream discussed the Ukranian protest group named “FEMEN” and “Topless Jihad Day” this past Tuesday. The protest has quickly grown popularity to the extent that it has become global. Youtube videos of FEMEN are available all over the Internet of woman protesting topless for equality in the world. This new wave of feminism is not approved by a large amount of woman in other parts of the world. That the protest may work fine in the Ukraine but it will surely be a disaster in Middle Eastern countries. The big difference is the laws. Laws in other parts of the world protect woman whereas Middle Eastern countries want to stone Amina to death for exposing herself in the Internet. FEMEN provided the wrong type of protest that delivered attention that drew away from the actual protest. The protest did not get followed with actions to what they were actually protesting. When I saw some of the videos in my mind I thought, all I see are some topless crazy woman running around with signs and paint on them. To me, it is an unsuccessful campaign that is not delivering the positive message that they are striving for. It was not until I saw the video from The Stream that I understood the situation.


One thought on “International Topless Jihad Day

  1. This is a good start to a blog post–linking this more to concepts from class and expanding your analysis would be helpful. For example, did this reflect a particular type of activism? What kinds of representations were they challenging? Don’t forget the minimum word count and photo.

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