New media activism


The average person would have a hard time talking about new media activism without talking about thehacker group Anonymous. Formed by an anonymous coalition of anonymous individuals spread across the world, but bought together by the same mindset, teaching a lesson through exposing sensitive information. With their high-level hacking skills and numerous drone computers at their disposalAnonymous has made themselves famous by hacking into many well-known corporations andorganization’s websites and data bases. Anonymous was formed on a 4chan image board thread when one of the administrators of the boardInitiated the “Forced_Anon” protocol which signed all post on the board by Anonymous. This made the Anonymous name grow in popularity. With popularity comes new users who wish to be included in theAnonymous family and with new members the power and capabilities of Anonymous grows. Anonymousmade themselves famous through hacking websites like Facebook and the Pentagons official website  Anonymous is a group with no leader and no ranking system every user is equal. Every user is protectedby the Anonymous name and every user follows the same motto, “We are Anonymous. We are Legion.We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”



Major League Gaming


Video gaming itself is a culture, but within video gaming there are subcultures.  For example there are communities that only play massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) and then there are the communities that play competitive online multiplayer games like Call of Duty. This competitive subculture of video games is the focus of my blog post because it is a great example how easy subcultures can form thank to the power of the internet.

At the heart of competitive gaming is Major League Gaming (MLG). Much like Major League Baseball(MLB), Nation Basketball Association (NBA) and the Nation Football League (NFL), MLG is an organization that regulates and manages professional competitive gaming. The MLG arranges and broadcasts gaming tournaments to spectators around the world through with the help of the internet and ESPN. MLG was founded by Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso with the goal of pushing gaming popularity to new levels.

The tournaments that Major League Gaming holds tournaments and competition events around highly popular competitive games like Halo and StarCraft. Teams or individuals can competite against each other for cash prizes, trophies, and bragging rights

Representations of Women

The representations of women in the media offend times does not display the strengths or power of women, but rather displays women in a way that only focuses on gender stereotypes or as sex symbols that are used to get people to buy products. In one form of media; video games, most women are represented as the beautiful thing you save or the prize at the end of the game. Most of the popular video games star a strong male main character holding a gun to appeal to a mostly male audience. I wanted to show off one of my favorite games that breaks the mole and promotes a strong female main character. The game is called Mirror’s Edge.

Mirror’s Edge is a first-person, free running action game developed by Digital Illusions CE, DICE, and published by Electronic Arts. One of the things that sets this game apart is the main character. Her name is Faith and she is a short hair, and non-sexualized female protagonist who also happens to be Asian. She a free runner that runs around a near-future dystopian city were its citizens are oppressed and monitored constantly to prevent any crime or terrorism. Unlike a lot of women in video games, Faith is strong and able to defend herself against large group of enemies. She also isn’t dressed in scantily clad clothes. She’s dressed in running gear and sports strong tattoos on her face and arms. In the game Faith is an activist that helps out an underground group that aims to fight back the oppressive leaders. Faith is one of the reasons why Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite video games. There is so much to like about her and I wish that more games would have more characters like Faith, but the truth is that games like Mirrors Edge don’t sell very many copies because they don’t appeal to the male buyer. They want to play game like Call of Duty where a strong female protagonist is nowhere to be found. Instead they are replaced by big breasted, scantily clad dressed women that need to be saved or are just there to kind of help out the male character. Luckily there are more games like Mirror’ Edge. A couple notable games  are; Beyond good and Evil and Half-Life 2. Hopefully games like these can push for strong female character representations in future games.  250px-Mirror's_Edge

Rumble in the Bronx

One of my earliest memories of Asian Americans was from the movie: Rumble in the Bronx. It stared one of my favorite childhood actors, Jackie Chan. In the movie Jackie Chan plays Ma Hon Keung, a police officer from Hong Kong that comes to New York to visit family and to attend a wedding. All is going well until he encounters a biker gang and unintentionally starts a rivalry with them. Over the course of the movie the biker gang continuously attacks and harasses Jackie Chan and his family. Jackie Chan is able to defend himself and his family thanks to his masterful martial arts skills. At a point in the movie one of the members of the biker gang starts trouble a criminal organization know as the White Tiger when he takes their bag of diamonds. Unable to escape an encounter with the White Tiger with the stolen bag of diamonds, the gang member hide the diamonds in the wheelchair cushion of Jack Chan’s love interest’s little brother. This act ends up involving Jackie Chan in the conflict between the biker gang and the White Tiger. With help Jackie Chan is able to take down the White Tiger organization, what a hero!

Unbeknownst to the gang in the bringing of the movie, Jack Chan’s character masterful martial artist and with his skills he successfully defends himself from the biker gang’s attacks. After have watch the movie again recently I thought that the representation of Jackie Chan’s character in the movie was positive. Jackie Chan’s character was portrayed as the hero from a faraway land that beats ups the bad guys in an entertaining manner. When I was a child I thought that all police officers from Hong Kong were butt-kicking martial artists. As an adult I now know that isn’t true, so my perspective of Asian Americans has changed since the 1990’s.  Another major character was Nancy who was played by Françoise Yip was portrayed as the working loving and caring sister. Although Nancy is a active member in the biker gang and participates the in harassment of Jackie Chan she is a good person at heart therefore her representation was also positive.

I think that representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in media has changed little bit from when I was a kid. I don’t think there hasn’t been a noticeable difference in the representation in media because AAPI’s are still playing roles like comedic relief or martial arts master.